First and foremost, huge shoutout to all of the people who came out to probate, we were very happy to see how much support we have!

It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our Spring 18' Phi Class!

Phi #138 Erickson Gallardo, Brother FRAGMENT
Big Brother: Upsilon #134 Hung Ma, Brother OVERSIGHT

Phi #139 Duc Huynh, Brother Deadfall
Big Brother: Rho #118 Stefan Sanguyo, Brother Espada

Phi #140 Kevin Nguyen, Brother Imperial
Big Brother: Upsilon #136 Anthony Nguyen, Brother Optical

Phi #141 Lawrence Hua, Brother Counter Logic
Big Brother: Rho #119 Matty Dinh, Brother Lunatic

Phi #142 Jed Rojas, Brother ENDGAME
Big Brother: Pi #113 Woowon Choi, Brother CRUSADE

Phi #143 Tzyy Hsu, Brother Titanfall
Big Brother: Sigma #124 Phillip Nguyen, Brother Lockdown

New Member Educator: Rho #118 Stefan Sanguyo, Brother Espada
Assistant New Member Educator: Omicron #109 Gabe Bautista, Brother YOKE