Executive Board

President: Phat Huynh

Internal Vice President: Andrew Pero

External Vice President: Anthony Nguyen

Recorder: Phillip Nguyen

Treasurer: N/A

Warden: JJ Villanueva


Board of Chairs

Cultural Chair: Tzyy Hsu

Social Chair: Lawrence Hua

Philanthropy/Service Chair: N/A

Fundraiser Chair: N/A

Scholarship Chair: Duc Huynh

Risk Management/Public Relations Chair: Nguyen Ngo

MGC Representative: Kevin Nguyen

Rush Chairs: Anthony Nguyen & Alan Flores

Travel Chair: Nguyen Ngo

Sports Coordinator: Erickson Gallardo

Historian: Matthew Dinh

Quartermaster: Benjamin Castillo

Webmaster: Phillip Nguyen

Fraternity Artist: Ben Ingham

Brother Unity Chair: Andrew Cadavid

Stepmaster: Jed Rojas

Strollmaster: Jed Rojas

Alumni Relations: Erickson Gallardo

Chief of Alumni: Jordan Nguyen


Active House